'The Full Moon Rose Over Us - Remembering Muhammad (ﷺ)


Navigating through Islamophobia in today's day is challenging for Muslims from all walks of life. By increasing our understanding of the life of Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) will not only make us feel more grounded in our belief, but InshaAllah it will also assist in maneuvering through the emotions and difficulties that may come when encountering different forms of Islamophobia.

Join us this Sunday, November 22nd, at 11AM as we honour and remember our beloved Prohet Muhammad (ﷺ). Although such a topic never requires an excuse, this event is specifically in light of the recent France incidents that have occurred.

The event will be live over Zoom and our Facebook page. To receive a Zoom link, register below.

In order to tailor this event to your needs and to your level of knowledge (InshaAllah, we will do our best), please also take a short moment to fill out our survey when registering prior to the event!

We are excited to have you all there InshaAllah!

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