Notice Parking Enforcement




Parking Enforcement

December 09, 2022

We request everyone to take extra precaution when entering and exiting the Masjid parking lots. Please drive under the speed limit and watch out for pedestrians on site, especially students/kids at Madresah/School times.

For Friday (Jumuah) prayers additional parking is available outside the Masjid parking lot at the following locations:

  1. Brock Ridge Community park
  2. Pickering Community Baptist Church
  3. On-street parking on residential streets
  4. Rayleen Crescent

When parking on any of the above listed areas please ensure:

  1. Park ONLY in areas where parking is allowed and follow signs on the Roads
  2. Park ONLY in designated Brock Ridge Community Park parking area
  3. Park ONLY in designated Pickering Community Baptist Church parking area

NOTE: If we misuse parking at the Church we may loose the privilege of parking there.

  1. DO NOT park within 1.0 metre of a driveway
  2. DO NOT park on south of Usman Road municipal boulevard
  3. DO NOT park on Brock Road right of way on west of Masjid fence
  4. DO NOT park on south of Jade street within 10 metres of Azure Mews
  5. Follow parking requirements identified in City's Traffic and Parking By-Law 6604/05


City of Pickering Traffic enforcement staff will issue tickets for illegal parking.