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About Us

On September 1st, 1997,  1.8 acres of land on Brock Road North, occupied by nothing more than an old house, was purchased and proposed for the site of a masjid (Pickering Islamic Centre).

With little resources at their disposal, the team undertaking the ambitious project looked to the community for support and the Muslims of the Brock Road North and adjacent areas delivered. They came together to provide what support they could, rallying around those at the forefront of the project to raise funds and contribute in whatever way they could. Alhamdulillah, by the good graces of Allah (SWT) and support of the community, the project was completed successfully.

Officially opened on August 24, 2008, Masjid Usman stands tall as a tribute to those who painstakingly strived in the name of Allah (SWT) to see its completion. Today, its brilliant white stones, dome, and minarets have become one of Pickering’s landmark sights and a testament to the Islamic faith. The masjid occupies a total covered area of 17, 870 square feet, with two floors and a basement. The basement is home to a multi-purpose hall and kitchen, while the upper floors house a prayer hall, meeting room, offices, mortuary, as well as designated ladies’ area and classrooms.

Dedicated to serving the community, Masjid Usman (also known as the Pickering Islamic Centre; PIC) provides a myriad of services, religious, educational and social, to the occupants of Pickering. These services include five times daily prayer, Friday prayer, programs for seniors, licensed matrimonial services, weekly halaqah and tafseer, one on one Islamic guidance, funeral services and many more.

Among these services is the provision of an elementary school from grades 1-6, Brock Elementary School, that aims to establish a firm Islamic and Secular education in young children. The masjid also supports multiple religious part-time schools such as an Evening Quran School, a Girls’ Friday School, and a Boys’ Saturday School. 

The masjid is run by a body consisting of a President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Trustees. All work in tandem to ensure that the masjid is operating to high standards while following the guidelines set by the Quran, Sunnah, City of Pickering, Province of Ontario and Canada. While Masjid Usman has undertaken and completed many tasks, we Insha’Allah wish to grow and provide the community with much more. Only with the support of the community and the blessings of Allah (SWT) can we continue to extend our reach, striving to display the true beautiful nature of our faith.