Quranic Literacy and Tafseer

Pickering Islamic Centre is committed to sacred knowledge ('Ilm) and community education. The following courses and study circles (halaqaat) are offered for the community. 

Key to Qur'an - Quranic literacy and tafseer

Begins: Wednesday October 2, 2019
Ends: June 24, 2020
Time/date: Wednesday 8:00PM-9:00PM (weekly)
Location: Multi-purpose hall (lower level)
Registration: Required (in person)
Course fee: $80 per semester (Textbook and resources provided)
Instructors: Mufti Abdulmannan Mulla

Description: This is an introductory level course for anyone wishing to study the Quran and its tafseer. There are two modules each consisting of fifteen sessions. The first module will be focus on the traditional sciences of the Qur'an ('Uloom al Qur'an) such as, The Nature and Necessity of Revelation, the Preservation of the Quran, Abrogation (naskh), Answering objections about its authenticity, Themes of the Quran and much more. The second module will introduce students to the science of tafseer, acquaint them to early and contemporary tafseers (and translations), with a detailed tafseer of select verses and chapters. Prior knowledge of Arabic is beneficial but not required.

All halaqaat and classes are managed by Mufti Abdulmannan Mulla. If you any questions or suggestions please contact him directly at amannan@masjid.ca