Evening Quran School - Admission

Admission and Tuition Fees

Registration, Books and Tuition fees for the current month must be paid before the student starts class.

Admission Fee
The Fee is a one-time payment. This fee includes the following:
  • Registration Fee for new student - $20.00
Books & Supplies Fee
  • Books fee - $40.00
Tuition Fee
The Tuition Fee is a monthly fee to be withdrawn from parent/guardian’s account the first week of each month. The first-month fee is due before the student starts class.
Tuition Fees
Number of Student Fees per year Fees per month
First $720.00 $60.00
Second and Third $660.00 $55.00
Fourth or more $600.00 $50.00

*The Fees is paid in equal amounts over 12 months including ramadan/vacation days for the school year.

Level 1 to 9 Registration
All new applicants applying for admission to EQS will be expected to complete the following procedure:

  1. Complete the Evening Qur’an School registration form
  2. Submit the registration form along with a void cheque (the admin office will contact you for this)
  3. Pay for registration, books and first month tuition fee
  4. The student must be 5 years of age or more 

Evening Qur'an School - Registration Form

Student Information

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Parent/Guardian Information

Emergency Contact Information

Please read the following terms, before signing and dating the application.

1. I understand that submission of this application does not entitle my child for admission. It is subject to
review by the principal.
2. If my child is approved to be registered in the school, I must fulfill all financial requirements such as
Tuition Fee and Books Supplies Cost. Failure to do so would result in my child’s dismissal from the program..
3. PIC is not responsible for student transportation, carpooling or bus services.
4. I hereby authorize PIC to contact schools and other sources to obtain information to support this application.
5. I certify that all information in this application is accurate and up-to-date to the best of my knowledge.

Confirmation and Submission

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