Hifz School - School Information

Hifz  School is one of the first part-time & full-time programs that has been running since the opening of the our masjid. It helps to develop a positive identity as a Muslim who is equipped physically, intellectually, and spiritually to compete in today’s world in accordance with Islamic principles. Inshallah, we hope to establish within each of our students a strong commitment to family, community, and humanity.

It is the aim of the PIC Hifz School for students to complete the recitation of the Holy Qur’an under the guidance of qualified and experienced teachers according to the tenets of Tajweed and Tarteel. We also aim to provide students with excellent quality Islamic education according to the Qur’an and the Sunnah and based on high moral and ethical values in an Islamic environment.
Our Philosophy
The Quran is not only a guide for humankind but also a way of life. At our PIC Hifz School, we seek to provide students with the means of utilizing Quranic knowledge in their everyday life. This theological pedagogy is undertaken in the hopes that they develop not only as reciters and scholars of the Holy Quran but additionally as upstanding citizens of this country. 

Code of Conduct
Appropriate conduct on school grounds and at school events is expected. Conduct expectations are as follows:

  1. Show respect.
  2. Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself.
  3. Follow directions.

Whenever possible, consequences for breaking rules will be handled in the classroom. At the teacher’s discretion, a student may be sent to the Office with a referral for fighting, insubordination, or in any way preventing the entire class from functioning effectively. Administration will meet with the student to review the behaviour and determine the consequences. 

Our goal is to maintain a safe and orderly learning environment for our students. The Administration reserves the right to immediately use any of the following consequences if the severity of the behaviour deems it necessary:

  1. Warning by teacher
  2. Warning by Principal
  3. Phone conference between parents and teacher
  4. One-day suspension
  5. Two-day suspension
  6. One-week suspension
  7. Expulsion
Bullying Prevention
The PIC Hifz School has a Zero-Tolerance Policy on abuse and reinforces the idea that school should be a safe place for students and staff. Subsequently, immediate action will be taken by the administration against all forms of threats including bullying, up to and including expulsion.

We encourage and preach that all students and staff recognize and adhere to the four Rs of bullying:

Recognize or discern what is and is not bullying
Refuse to accept bullying behaviour
Report by speaking to a trusted adult or accessing Kids Help Phone
Restore or repair relationships

Safety & Security at PIC HIfz School
PIC Hifz School has classes running on all levels of the Masjid, therefore it is very essential for us to take every security and safety measure possible. 

Students are supervised at all times from their respected teachers. In the case of a short break, a volunteer gets assigned to the class before the teacher leaves the classroom.

All volunteers must sign-up with the school office and be accepted before starting to volunteer. Work will be assigned to each volunteer on a daily basis. Hours will be signed if needed.

Every visitor to the Hifz School must visit the office before entering into any classroom. All inquiries can be completed with the principal or administrator.

Late and or Early Leave
Students entering and or leaving early are required to report to the office. The office then provides a late slip and or acceptance to leave early. No student is allowed to leave the premises of the Masjid without permission from the office.

Unexpected Events
The school takes every safety measure possible to keep its students and staff in a safe environment. All staff and students are trained on what safety measures to be taken in case of events such as Lockdowns, Fire Drills, and or Evacuations.

Dress Code
We remind students to kindly adhere to our Islamic dress code:

 Jubba (Tobe) or Shalwaar Kameez with an Islamic hat (Topi)

JK/SK students are excluded 

Safe Arrival Programs (S.A.P.)
Call: 905-426-7887 ext. 2

To ensure student safety and collection, parents are to inform the office through phone or email for any absent days. Students who are absent for more than a week in a row will be contacted by the office to ensure their safety and wellbeing.  

For any type of school cancellation or other important updates, an email along with a text through our SMS service will be sent to all parents. Parents are advised to update their information with the office to ensure no disruption is caused in communicating. Announcements on the website are also periodically made for effective communication. 

Attendance Policy
The process of learning requires continuity. Regular attendance on the part of the student is an important component of this process and the evaluation of the student’s achievement. When the process of learning is disrupted by irregular attendance, the student suffers a loss of experience that cannot be entirely regained. 

Furthermore, it is the responsibility of the student for “catching-up” on all assigned lessons missed during an absence. Before handing in your child’s application form, please be aware that all students are strictly prohibited from taking part in any extra-curricular activities (Sports teams, clubs, groups, etc.) which may affect their attendance in the Hifz School unless first approved by the principal.

Students who arrive late must receive a late slip from the office before entering their classroom. 

Parents need to inform the office of any absences of their child to ensure their safety and wellbeing. An absent note prior to the absent day is also acceptable.

Parents are required to inform the office of any vacation periods at least one week prior to their departure. Students are required to complete any assigned homework and catching with any missed tests