Saturday Boys School - Admission

Admission and Tuition Fees 2019-2020

Books and Tuition fees for the full year must be paid before the student starts class.

At Saturday Boys School the fee is paid as a one-time payment which includes the following:
Books & Supplies Fee
  • Books fee for Level 1  to 7 - $35.00.
Tuition Fee
The Tuition Fee of $150.00 is a one time payment due before the student starts class. NSF charge of $25 is applicable for unpaid transactions.
Level 1 to 7 Registration
All new applicants applying for admission to SBS will be expected to complete the following procedure:
  1. Complete the Saturday Boys School registration form
  2. Submit the registration form along with full payment
  3. The student must be 5 years of age or more 

SBS Registration Form | Click here to download