Saturday Boys School - School Information

For almost 15 years, Masjid Usman has been active in serving the Durham community. Part of this service had come from our established Saturday Boy’s School. 

Focused on improving student achievement in the recitation of the Holy Quran and Islamic Studies, this respected branch of Masjid Usman seeks to develop the minds of our young boys so that they may be upstanding Canadian citizens and good Muslims. 

Under the guidance of qualified teachers, the students at our Saturday Boy’s School will Insha’Allah excel in their targeted areas of study, while developing mentally, physically, and spiritually. And it is our hope that they one day take this Ummah to new heights.  

Our Philosophy

It is said that “knowledge is power”. Knowledge, however, in its raw form is all but unavailing to the individuals who seek it. Therefore, our Saturday Boy’s School seeks to preach that “the use of knowledge is power.” We not only seek to teach our students the Quran and ways of Islam but also how to apply them in working scenarios.

Code of Conduct

The Safe Schools Act, 2000 puts into law various ways to increase safety, respect, and responsibility in Ontario schools. The School Code of Conduct is intended to help students feel safer and more secure at school by setting out expectations that will promote respect and demonstrate responsible citizenship.

All school members are expected to:

  • Respect and obey all applicable federal, provincial, and municipal laws
  • Demonstrate honesty and integrity
  • Respect differences in people and in their ideas and opinions
  • Treat one another with dignity and respect at all times, especially in disagreement
  • Respect and treat others fairly, regardless of their race, ancestry, place of origin, colour, ethnic origin, citizenship, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, or disability
  • Respect the rights of others
  • Show proper care for school property and the property of others
  • Take appropriate measures to help those in need
  • Respect persons who are in a position of authority
  • Respect the need of others to work in an environment of learning and teaching

In addition to the provincial standard, we hold our students at the Saturday Boy’s School to one based on Quran and Sunnah. Emulation of the Prophet (PBUH) should be the goal of both student and staff. Behaviour that conflicts with the ways of the Quran and our Prophet will be dealt with accordingly.

We ask that parents and students be aware of and follow our Islamic dress code:

  • Jubba (Tobe) or Shalwaar Kameez with an Islamic hat (Topi)
Bullying Prevention

Our Saturday Boy’s School recognizes that bullying, in any form, is unacceptable both in society and Islam. As students learning the Holy Quran, our boys are expected to adhere to Islamic principles regarding the treatment of others. Any student found verbally or physically assaulting their peers and teachers will be dealt with appropriately by the staff. This disciplinary action may include suspension or even expulsion.  Recognize or discern what is and is not bullying

We aim to teach our boys about the three Rs of bullying:
 Refuse to accept bullying behaviour
 Report by speaking to a trusted adult or accessing Kids Help Phone
 Restore or repair relationships

Our school focuses on finding solutions that help and support both the student who does the bullying and the target.

Safety & Security at SBS

To ensure the safety of students and staff, any visitor, volunteer, or guest must report to the office before entering any classroom. This allows the school to keep track of and identify those not officially affiliated with the Saturday Boy’s School. 

Students are not permitted, unless granted permission by the office for purposes of early pick-up, to leave the school premises. Staff are equally not permitted under any circumstance to take students off school grounds. 

Our goal is to keep everyone in the building safe at all times. The students and staff of the Saturday Boy’s School are expected to practice for unexpected events. These events include fire drills, lockdowns, and evacuations. We practice ensuring that if we were ever in a situation of risk we would know how to calmly, appropriately, and safely deal with the situation.

Attendance Policy

Regular and punctual attendance is expected from all students as it supports continuity of programming and promotes success in academic and social areas. Students who are not in their classrooms by 10:25 AM are late and are required to visit the office to receive a late slip in order to enter class.

Students who are late are expected to take the responsibility of catching up on classroom material. It is not the responsibility of the teacher to ensure that students are in class on time. We request that parents take the appropriate measures to get their children to school before the commencement of class.

Safe Arrival Programs (S.A.P.)

Call: 905-426-7887 ext. 7

The Safe Arrival Program (S.A.P.) is set up and operated by the teachers and principal to monitor the safe arrival of students. There is an answering machine at this number that permits the leaving of messages 24 hours a day. Please call the S.A.P. number to inform the school if your child will be late or absent for any reason (illness, religious holidays, medical appointment, etc.). Even if you have informed the teacher of your child’s absence, please call the S.A.P. number. It is also very important to contact the school if your child will not be returning to class in the afternoon.

If the school has not been notified of your child’s absence, an attempt will be made to phone you at work or at home to be sure your child is safe.

If your child is arriving late or must leave early for an appointment, please send a note to the school explaining this. Students must be accompanied by a parent/guardian when signing in or out during school hours.