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| January 27, 2020
Summer Camp 2019
Summer Camp starts on July 2nd
Family Seminar - Health & the Doctor
In our free family seminar, we are…
5K Walk for a Good Cause
Pickering Islamic Centre, in Partnership…
Ramadan Made Easy Event
With a special presentation on health…
Grandparents Tea
Seniors are invited to have some tasty…
Wills & Organ Donation Event
Wills & Organ Donation Event - March…
Press Release -Terrorist attack, New Zealand mosques
We are deeply saddened to learn the…
Full time Hifz and Summer Camp
We are pleased to announce the launch of…
Honour the victims - New Zealand
The City of Pickering will host a vigil…
March Break - Play safe around water
Stay clear of dangerous waterways over…
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The PIC proudly serves the Pickering community, providing excellent service in adherence to the Quran and Sunnah. We aim to instil an Islamic education in our children and adults in need, as well as provide our youth with academic learning in accordance to provincial standards. Together with the community and other Islamic Organizations, we shall spread Islamic knowledge and display to our nation at large the beautiful face of our religion. Ameen.

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What our attendees are saying about us... (source)

Very nice masjid with facilities for the community. Love that the women's entrance is not through the back or basement. The grounds are well kept and clean


Great Islamic environment for kids specially in Ramadaan, My son love this masjid and he actively takes part in activities conducted by the imam and youth committee.

Kamran Patel

This is really good place to go for prayer and to get religious / knowledge about slam. Very good nursery for the Muslim kids.

Unza Mumtaz