Funeral Services

  • Services Include
  • Service Cost
  • Grave Cost
  • Mortuary Facility
  • Planner & Guide

•    Bringing deceased body to our Centre
•    Washing
•    Providing shroud / Kafan
•    Coffin box
•    Grave lot arrangement
•    Arranging with the cemetery personnel
•    Taking the body to the cemetery
•    Required documentation from hospital & government agencies

Masjid Usman Contact (24/7):
Shakil Akhter -  (647) 280- 2062


Intake Form for Funeral : Click here to download PDF

Intake Form for Funeral : Click here to download Excel

Service costs as follows are payable to Pickering Islamic Center. We accept Debit, Cash or Cheque only:

Funeral Service Fee including HST $ 1,299.50
Death Registration Fee         25.00
Total: $ 1,324.50


  1. Grave opening & closing costs are payable directly to the cemetery.  They accept Debit, Credit Card or Cash only:
  2. Grave(land) costs are payable to Pickering Islamic Center. We accept Debit, Cash or Cheque only. Cost of graves are as follows:
Cemetery Cost
Adult Grave (including HST) $2,599.00
Child & infant graves contact office


Grave Lots are available for purchase either for future use or at need  in the following cemetery:

Duffin Meadows Cemetery
2605 Brock Road N
Pickering, ON L1V 2P8
Phone: (905) 427-3385


Masjid Usman has a well-equipped mortuary to perform washing (ghusl) and prepare the body for burial.

The Coordinator or a PIC representative will accompany the next of kin/family member to the hospital and fulfill all the documents for the release of the body.

Thereafter, the deceased body (mayyit) will be brought in to the Centre for ghusl, preparation, and salatul janazah. It will then be transported to the cemetery for burial. If the next of kin or close family members wish their loved one to be buried in another cemetery, the Centre can make the required arrangements.

Pickering Islamic Centre will issue a “Proof of Death Certificate” (Temporary) to the family of deceased person. This certificate may be required for the settlement of legal issues such as bank accounts, insurance claims, inheritance, etc. The next of Kin is required to apply for a legal “Death Certificate” via Service Ontario. 

Pickering Islamic Centre has developed a Funeral Support Planner and a Funeral Support Guide to help community enhance their knowledge on funeral related matters. We have covered  religious and government information on the topic.


Funeral GuideClick here to download

Funeral Support Planner : Click here to download

CPP death benefits guide: Click here to download

CPP death benefit application: Click here to download