Youth Committee & Programs

Youth are an integral component of any community, and we at the PIC duly recognize this. Through our youth group, we strive to ensure our youth play an important role to influence and implement positive change in society, with a greater drive and ambition of making Islam central to their conduct and attitude in all facets of life. Our goal is to strengthen our community with the love of Allah and the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet (SAW). We at the PIC strive to help our youth recognize their talents and abilities and help direct their drive and dedication to ultimately nurture the best possible spiritual, moral, and professional values. Our youth group has successfully planned and executed various events which have received a lot of positive feedback and had a significant impact in our community. Some of these events include but are not limited to:  

Entrepreneur Business Summit
Entrepreneur’s business conference for those who look for a new business venture or those who wish to expand their knowledge. There were speeches, workshops, ShaikhTank (our version of shark tank) where young entrepreneurs. There were give always including 3 prizes with a grand prize of $1000.00.  The event was open to both men and women. 

For more information please contact:

Chair, Youth Committee - email: [email protected]