Do you want to make a difference? Meet some like-minded people? Share your skills and experience with PIC? Gain some new skills? Join our team today!

Volunteers account for almost 70% of personnel within the PIC.  We truly could not accomplish our goals or maintain our day-to-day operations without the immense support from our volunteers. These individuals are an essential part of our team and we need them at all levels - including leadership. We are always actively seeking volunteers to assist us with our day-to-day services!  

There are many different reasons to become a volunteer, including moral and spiritual obligation. Many of our volunteers are drawn by our mission and fundamental principles. Some of those who volunteer with us are interested in building professional skills, others are looking to stay active after they retire, while others want to engage more with their community.  Your reasons may be unique to you. We want Pickering Islamic Centre volunteers to get the most from their experience – so we provide training to help them build skills and maximize the learning potential in their roles. Our volunteers can expect a positive and professional environment. 


Email: [email protected] to join our volunteer list