Rental Services

In order to encourage community events at the Masjid, PIC rents out the event hall for a  rental fee. The hall allows the community to conduct their own events and the rental fee income allows the PIC to invest in programs and services for the community. The event hall has a capacity to accommodate 200 people, and is clean and well maintained. This makes it an ideal hall and location for the community to hold private functions. Details are as follows:

Description Amount
Hall Rent (Monday to Saturday) $250.00
Hall Rent (Sundays) $300.00
Tables & Chairs (10 chairs each table) $  15.00
Audio System (one microphone with stand) $  50.00
Refundable Deposit $300.00
  • Example:
    • Mon. to Sat - for 100 people the cost is $150.00 for table and chairs  + $250 for hall rental
    • Sundays - for 100 people the cost is $150.00 for table and chairs  + $300 for hall rental

Facility Rental Form: Click here to download

Covid-19 Restrictions:

Due to pandemic, the following rules will be applied

  • Visitors/Guests will be seated on the marked spaces/chairs
  • Social Distancing and all other safety protocols will be followed (Masks, No Hand Shakes, etc)
  • Cannot exceed the marked spaces capacity of the Hall
  • Nikah should take place outside the prayer times
  • No Food (boxes can be distributed at the exit doors)
  • Capacity: to be finalized at booking 

** These terms and conditions may be changed without notice